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In social media, says Martin Weller, it is data integrity that counts. That's why Google+ was so insistent on people using real names, and why Weller suggests that the way to take down Faceook is to feed it false data or bad site suggestions (preferably via automated means). Or, like Alan Levine, you can just go passive. But social networks need to be thought of as a whole; there's no point going silent on Facebook if you continue to be a Twitter nerd; you still end up in the same advertising databases. The way to deal with social media is to use them for your own purpose, not their intended purpose. My social network activity is spread out over a number of sites - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, among others - and I use each for part of my networking needs. But also understand that your activities on any of them are known to all of them. So while I haven't gone silent on any of them completely, but I'm not exactly active on any or all. The best place to be is still to be outside social networks. (p.s. Martin when you put all those utm variables in your links you might as well be posting inside Facebook - that's why I remove all utm data when I post links on OLDaily).

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