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You won't want to miss this retrospective post from last week's guest, Nancy White. The post is a rich tapestry of links to blog comments, background readings and discussion of last week's themes. She reflects first on the process of participating in the #Change11 course, and then expands on the idea of "social artistry" that caught out collective imagination during her week. She traces the concept back to its origins in the work of Etienne Wenger and quotes on the topic at length from David Wilcox. She also draws out the closely associated concept of habitus, drawing from Vanessa Vaile, who said, "I see strong traces of habitus in Digital Habitats." According to Wikipedia, habitus is "the set of socially learnt dispositions, skills and ways of acting, that are often taken for granted, and which are acquired through the activities and experiences of everyday life." But if you really want more, you'll want to see Bourdieu's The Logic of Practice. See also this post on setting norms.

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