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Coverage of a talk by Gordon Brown at the recent World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) conference in Doha, Qatar. Blogger Donald Clark was enthused by the talk, which he called "a brilliant analysis of global education and poverty that captivated the audience and gave the summit wings." I would imagine my own views accord with Browns on the need to take action on child policy and education, but I think I may have less faith in the capability of the leadership at the top to deliver. And when he says things like "I want all the technology companies, the Microsofts, the Apples, the Facebooks, the Googles to be involved in this project," I am more likely to favour a more democratic and grass-roots approach and to simply tell the large companies to support the work by paying their taxes. I looked for video of the talk, and from the conference generally, but resources were few, such as this canned set of interviews of keynote speakers.

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