Jawbone Releases UP, A Wristband For Tracking Your Wellness

Cliff Kuang, Fast Company, Nov 03, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

A lot of effort has gone into making the design of this thing just right - and even if they miss on some of the details, they may well have made the leap necessary to ensure wide adoption. The product is called UP, it's made by a company called Jawbone, and it's a bracelet that monitors your health: it tracks your sleeping, your exercise and your diet. Not all automatically (at least, not yet) - while it has sensors, you have to put it into sleep mode when you sleep, and enter diet information manually (oh, but how nice it would be to simply scan the food with your bracelet - for now, it simply records the photo). The bracelet, along with smartphone and web app, incorporates social features as well, so you can share your good practices with your friends (or, I guess, be shamed by your bad practices). If you don't think this is the future of online learning, think again. See also here and here.
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