"Neil Gaiman Presents" is open for business!

Neil Gaiman, Website, Oct 27, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

As somebody with a vision problem I may be biased, but I really do think there is a brilliant future for audio. So I am enthusiastic about this startup from Neil Gaiman, even if it promotes a commercial product. Gaiman's audiobooks project, as he says, "getting books I loved and wanted to hear that had never been audiobooks made as audiobooks and out into the world, with the best readers I could find, using Audible's ACX platform." ACX was launched last May. Now the Audible is owned by Amazon, and the whole Gaiman thing is a marketing campaign, of course - but I still think there's a bright future for audio. Via (oddly) Copyfight. Paid placement? As for the photo, Gaiman writes, "I don't really have a good photo of an audiobook being recorded to round this out, so here is a photo of my wife chasing a chicken."
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