A Cataract in my Future

Alec Komarnitsky, Website, Oct 20, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

So anyhow, I came back from the optometrist Monday with some unpleasant news - my right eye has degraded rapidly in the last couple of years, basically exactly the same diagnosis this guy got in 2010. I can correct for now - but not back to 20-20. So the cataract operation he had is probably in my short term future. So it helps a lot reading this and especially how well it seemed to have gone. It's funny - I had just followed him because of some of his photography. And now, this. People don't know how much they can help others when they do something like this, but they do it - and it really helps. To me this tells me more about online learning than all the textbooks and journal articles in the world.
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