Paradiso 2011 Conference

Various authors, Website, Sept 22, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The image above is from the 2nd class Khatulistiwa children fun art of Pontianak, Indonesia. It's in this presentation on the internet of the future as seen by children, part of the set of presentations now available on the Paridiso web site. I've been flipping through a number of the slide decks, regretting that I am unable to hear (or better, read) the actual talks. Geoff Mulgan, for example, has a slide saying "‘Nudge’ and the ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ have elements of truth but don’t fit the evidence" - but what evidence? The slide doesn't say. Or Frank Escoubes's imagination for people presentation talks about mashup PPPPs and suggests "open innovation (was) derived from private sector," but there are no examples on the slide.
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