Open as in... doors, arms, ended?

Martin Weller, The Ed Techie, Sept 20, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Martin Weller announces the open access version of his book is is now available online. "This set me thinking," he writes, "I wonder what the open in open access means:
- open as in arms - it is welcoming, friendly even, particularly given the network around it (eg you can twitter me and tell me it's rubbish), it is not a product in a vacuum.
- open as in doors - you are invited in, like an open door policy to look around
- open as in ended - this is not to say I have an ongoing commitment to update it, but that the possibilities of the licence allow it to be open ended in terms of format."
Hm. I can think of a few more varieties of open: 'open sesame' (it's magic), 'open range' (it's populated by cows), 'open fourm' (everybody has an opinion).
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