Ewan McIntosh #TEDxLondon: The Problem Finders

Ewan McIntosh, edu.blogs.com, Sept 19, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Of all the things that could be fixed in education, of all the things that could be recommended to improve education, do you think teaching students to find problems to solve ranks anywhere near the top? I don't, and I think it's a ridiculous diversion of attention for the monied set to be focusing on this. But to hear the other side of the argument, here's Ewan McIntosh making the case that what society really needs are students who find problems. Because, you know, there's a shortage of them. Here's the problemfinders web site. For more on TEDx London, see Dave Warlick's backchannel. And Warlick on the so-called Education Revolution. Also, commentary from Oliver Quinlan.
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