Learning Language and Writing in the Roleplaying World of "Diddorol"

Brandy Carlson, NPR, Sept 10, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Interesting approach to what would otherwise be a traditional classroom. That said, it reminds me of my own Grade 7 year in the 1970s. Our public school in Metcalfe experimented with electives, one of which was model parliament - a classic standard - and the other of which was a model society. I was one of two bankers, responsible for clearing cheques and making sure payments were processed. I discovered I didn't enjoy banking and simply stopped clearing cheques. Our model society was not robust enough to survive. We only assume the world of Diddorol is more structured. Though, I think, it would be a better learning experience if it weren't. Anyhow, it's worth listing to the NPR MP3 audio to see what they say about this one.
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