Connective Children. Nothing New?

Bud Hunt, Bud the Teacher, Aug 25, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

To be clear: when George Siemens and I talk about Connective learning and all the rest of it, we are not making claims of novelty. Rather, we are trying to gather and summarize and explain what we believe to be effective practice. Hence, when we see a headline that says something ike "connective such-and-such not novel" we view this as support for Connectivism, and not some oblique refutation of it (I'm pretty sure George feels this way; I know I do). I'm not saying Bud Hunt is out to refute us here; probably the opposite But I do know form experience that many people equate "not novel" with some sort of refutation, as though launching a new theory in education one a yea is a good thing.
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