TEDxLondon: The Problem Finders at The Education Revolution

Ewan McIntosh, edublogs, Aug 23, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

You want an education revolution? You won't find it on TED. You have to admire the way TED keeps discussions of things like education within very strict frames - nothing too radical, nothing that will upset funders and sponsors. And in return for being compliant, speaker's get to be called 'amazing' and well-promoted. McIntosh will discuss his "plea to change learning from a pseudo-problem-filled irrelevance to a universe that inspires young people to become expert problem finders." oooo. So deep. And exactly the same message I saw from Michael Wesch on iDC this week. So what's inspiring this one - some new software from Bill Gates? An Apple campaign ("Ask deeper"). So we get blog posts like this one from Ewan McIntosh: "A very limited number of tickets are available on application from the site to hear an amazing bunch of speakers give their vision and call to action for learning, including a virtual beamover from Sir Ken Robinson in LA." I would be apologizing deeply about access being so limited, not crowing about it. But as the trained seals say: oarf oarf oarf.
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