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OK, just before I take off for a month's vacation, here's a brand-new release of gRSShopper code (I haven't even updated the site yet, and won't have a chance until I get back, so this is the only place to get it). It's the same basic gRSShopper, except the harvester is much better, picking up dozens of tags and modules not accessible by other aggregators. Also, I've written an installer. Yes, a freaking installer! Which works in testing!

So, if you want to try gRSShopper, do the following:
- get a website, note the domain, and get a MySQL database, note the database name, user and password.
- get the gRSShopper code grsshopper3.tar.gz and place it in your CGI directory on your website (the .tar file will expand into a bunch of files - put the files in your CGI directory, don't create a separate grsshopper3 subdirectory)
- edit the top section of grsshopper.cgi and enter the site URL and database information (also edit data/ with the same information if you want; the site will be microseconds faster)
- run cgi/admin.cgi -- the site will auto-install. Scroll to the borrom of the page, click on the link, which will take you to an 'Error - Login' screen. Login with userID Admin password Admin
- customize to taste. Actual help information when I get back. :)

p.s. the [Login] [Register] Javascript links on the admin pages are broken, ignore them or fix to taste.

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