Platforms for Collective Awareness and Action

Unattributed, European Commission Information Society, Jul 31, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is a new European Commission Information Society project intended to create online environments to support collaboration. "The vision is that individuals can "save the planet" if they are given the opportunity to act socially, based on trusted information. The key is enabling access to trusted knowledge about the state of their environment, the actions underway in their Communities to improve that situation, and the impact of their own actions." I think there is merit to the underlying idea of feeding external data and information into social communities. "You can post your interest and express your ideas on this website (see "Open Forum"), and help us organising the first workshop on the subject." See also the Paradiso website. Simon Fenton-Jones suggests they'll probably stream the presentations, but suggests presentation tips for the organizers (I couldn't agree more).
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