Google Plus Stream

Stephen Downes, Google Plus, Jul 13, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

So I've been playing quite a lot with Google Plus, learning how the system works and trying to make it do things it wasn't designed to do. If you want to follow my work on Google Plus, here is my stream. You can also subscribe to my Google Plus Feed - here it is. Note that this is an unofficial feed, not supported by Google, but rather hacked and cobbled together. It will stop working when Google starts messing around with the site design. This post describes how to do it. There's also a Chrome extension that allows people using G+ to share (on an occasional basis) to Twitter and Facebook. In this post I explore an automated G+-to-Twitter system which ahs worked well for other people but not yet for me. Here I demonstrated that G+ does not support hashtags. Here is my Google Ecosystems post (you'll enjoy the comments). Here is my post on Google+Tweet, which I do not recommend, as it proved to be malicious, taking over my Firefox search.
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