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The Data Analysis and Report Toolkit (DART) is a tracking and analysis of student progress application that can be, according to the description, applied to any set of learning standards. Developed to support the Bering Strait School District, in Alaska, the tool has been expanded to support the needs of pretty much any middle-sized school division. "The first "generalized" version of DART is being created with assistance from Carnegie Mellon University's Technology Consulting in a Global Community program (TCinGC) during the summer of 2011. Thanks to the CMU team, DART will now be easy for any typical school district to customize, install and maintain." John Concilus writes to me from BSSD that "The main thing we need is a few school districts or schools that want to experiment with this running their own version of the system during the coming year...maybe just in a beta sense." Here's the Github code repository - respond quickly, before the CMU consultants go back home. And here's the Google Group.

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