Seven Problems a Recovery Won't Fix

Umair Haque, Harvard Business Review, Jun 08, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Why is the work we're doing in education so important? Here's HBR's Umair Haque (one of the few redeeming voices in that publication) explaining what an economic recovery won't fix:
- Stagnation. Median income has stagnated for decades
- Disemployment. We're mostly creating McJobs
- Insecurity. Nearly half of Americans are financially fragile
- Toxicity. The industrial age economy's addicted to harm: in order to profit, it's more often than not got to trample on people, nature, or society
- Pointlessness. They don't care not just because the work they do feels pointless, but because, in human terms, it mostly is
- Dumbification. Educational attainment has slowed in recent years
- Dehumanization. As I've noted, GDP has long decoupled from more meaningful measures of welfare
None of these will be solved by industry and commerce; they will be addressed only as we rethink what we stand for as a society. And that takes education.
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