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The title is the thing that really stood out for me and it alone makes the article worth a link: "Think 'Transform' not 'Transfer'." Just one problem. The author is talking about course migration rather than pedagogy. So, the point of the article is to say that you should 'transform' an in-class course, rather than to merely 'transfer' it to an online environment. For example, "Look for ways to capture the richness that a good instructor brings to the classroom, such as responsiveness, a sense of humor, interesting stories and examples, and immediate feedback." Well, yeah. But there's a much more powerful statement that could have been made with the same title: when you are teaching, think in terms of transforming students, rather than of transferring information. You are helping students become something, not acquire something. Sadly, that wasn't the point of this article. This "nuts and bolts" missed the most practical advice of all!

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