Colleges Spend Far Less on Educating Students Than They Claim, Report Says

Robin Wilson, Tidsskriftet for Universiteternes Efter- og Videreuddannelse, Apr 08, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is interesting: "While universities routinely maintain that it costs them more to educate students than what students pay, a new report says exactly the opposite is true." How is this so? "Student tuition payments actually subsidize university spending on things that are unrelated to classroom instruction, like research, and that universities unfairly inflate the stated cost of providing an education." According to Gillen, Denhart and Robe, "between 52% and 60% of students attend institutions that are paid more than they spend to educate them. If wasteful spending is disallowed, the figure rises to 76%... As Bob Samuels noted, 'Many professors have told me, they do not believe that the public would support the research mission of the university, so the university has to hide how it spends its money.'" Via Computing Education Blog.
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