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I used to think I could make a living doing things like giving keynote addresses. Not so much now, as these personal appearances have been almost entirely replaced with online presentations. Now, my role in keynotes may be replaced entirely, to be filled instead by crowdsourced video. Like the current case, for example. The British Columbia Educational Technology Users' Group (etug) will be hosting a Spring Workshop in June. They write, "In the spirit of openness we would like to invite YOU to participate in a crowd-sourced keynote. Our vision is to create a keynote video that highlights the collective voice on the value of openness."

They post the following request: "Create a short video/interview/montage answering one or two of the following questions:
1. What is the value of openness?
2. What examples of openness stand out to you as being valuable/worthwhile?
3. WHY do you believe in the value of open education?
- be creative! We want anything!
- Upload your video to the following dropbox password: open
- SPREAD THE WORD! Anyone can upload!
- Deadline: May 9, 2011."
Smart, simply, easy. Any conference could do this. I guess I'll have to stick with the day job a little while longer.

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