The Learning Design Support Environment (LDSE)

Diana Laurillard, ALT, Mar 11, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Presentation on how to stimulate teacher collaboration (and reduce the workload of lesson design) though the development of pedagogical patterns. The presentation shows how the structure of a lesson can stay the same across different contents. Thus (pictured above) the tutorial 'using a search engine' and the tutorial 'the water cycle' can use the same pedagogical structure. It appears that a prototype has been developed and used to map patterns to costs and benefits of learning. But, with all due respect, these patterns cannot be a serious proposal to support learning design. Minimally, such a system needs to support roles, flexible scheduling, identification of learning resources, metadata for searching for patterns, etc. - in other words, the whole infrastructure that developed the last time somebody proposed computationally templating pedagogical patterns.
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