The Rise of the New Global Elite

Chrystia Freeland, The Atlantic, Feb 02, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is going to have to be fixed before education is fixed. Because education can't fix this: "the vast majority of U.S. workers, however devoted and skilled at their jobs, have missed out on the windfalls of this winner-take-most economy-or worse, found their savings, employers, or professions ravaged by the same forces that have enriched the plutocratic elite. The result of these divergent trends is a jaw-dropping surge in U.S. income inequality." Not just in the U.S., either - the article documents this as a global trend. And if it is this global elite that is increasingly in charge of education policy, what sort of system would one suppose they are interested in fostering? I would suggest: one that can be turned off. Realted: Don Tapscott in Davos.
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