How to Spend $100 Million to Really Save Education

Anya Kamenetz, Fast Company, Jan 12, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Interesting speculative piece on how to reform the education system with $100 million. The premise of the piece is that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's "theory of change" - a set of beliefs about the best strategy to produce a desired outcome - is mistaken. Zuckerberg's theory of change is, essentially, that "empowering the chief is the key to a school's success. These execs are expected to foster competition, raise expectations, emphasize metrics, and take on the unions." I agree with the author, that this isn't a very good theory of change. Like him, "I wish he had taken his $100 million, and some of his smartest people, and designed a new framework for education from the ground up." But the article is not otherwise very reassuring. It provides links to 13 "radical ideas", almost none of which are even worth considering (Will Richardson offers one decent suggestion in #6 and Albert Wenger part of the answer in #13). I wonder what OLDaily readers would do with $100 million.
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