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This short clip gets to the heart of some of the things I talk about here. George Lakoff describes frames, which are composed of elements (eg., doctors, scalpels, operating rooms, etc) and scenarios (the doctor uses the scalpel in the operating room). Frames are physically realized in the neural circuitry of the brain. See, eg., Jerry Feldman, From Molecule to Metaphor: Toward a Unified Cognitive Science. Additionally, says Lakoff, every word in every language is defined relative to a frame. See, for example, Charles Fillmore's frame semantics. These frames consist not just of words but of metaphors - "more is 'up'", for example. These are created as the two become associated with each other in experience; eventually the neural activations associated with each become connected, and form a circuit, which is a physical connection in the brain. See also Lakoff's full talk here. Via Said Hamideh.

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