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This article describes the application of standards to learning technology, something that is old hat and retreated theory for those of us who have been in the game for a while - but this is just a shell, a vehicle in which to convey the real story, which is buried: "the Wireless Generation White Paper highlights a specific theory for students' learning trajectories in math, yet at the same time provides a structure they refer to as a 'honeycomb' for specifying that theory... Wireless Generation has an intriguing framework for such a platform (which is probably why it was just acquired by News Corp. for $360 million). With the resources of News Corp. joined with the innovative platform approaches of Wireless Generation, standardization at the right layers is a real and compelling possibility." It's obviously a placement piece, maybe lifted from a press release, maybe a paid placement. But it signals the possibility that News Corp, the Rupert Murdoch owned organization that runs Fox news, may be lining up to compete with the Washington Post to provide education, and eventually, degrees (just like their counterparts in Britain).

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