Hans Põldoja, Website, Nov 17, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

From Scott leslie's post of the other day (I saw it but didn't highlight this part): "Is it the mythical eduglu? Not sure, but Hans Põldoja made a pretty convincing case for this open source piece he has developed that can help those running distributed/blog-based courses to aggregate and track course work across participants blogs. Add on a grading feature and... well, I can see lots of courses that would make much better use of this than of all the bells and whistles of an LMS that ultimately don't get used." Here's a post from author Hans Põldoja on EduFeedr. David T. Jones writes, "EduFeedr, unlike BIM, breaks free from the LMS. Which is arguably both, depending on context, a good and a bad thing."
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