Medina's Brain Rules: Informing Teachers as Researchers

Jonathan Martin, Connected Principals, Oct 17, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Summary of John Medina's Brain Rules, which look (based on this summary) like a good read (I haven't read it and this is not an endorsement). Here are the eight tips in a nutshell:
1. Exercise boosts brainpower
2. Small classes over large ones
3. Modules no longer than ten minutes
4. The value of repetition
5. Healthy sleep and learning
6. Use multiple modalities
7. Less text, more pictures!
8. Learn by exploring
There's nothing here I would particularly object to, but what matters of course is the science on which these tips are based, which doesn't really come through in the review. Then again, I do like the approach, "try these for yourself, and see whether they work." Experience is, as always, the greatest guide to reason.
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