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The point of this article is to suggest that not only might the pace of development in computer technology slow down, it should. "Forget Moore's law, because it is unhealthy... because it has become our obsession... because high tech has become fixated on it at the expense of everything else — especially business strategy." Well, maybe, but don't bet on it happening any time soon. Bet instead on the widespread deployment - only hinted at in this article - of 64 bit (and higher) processors. Are you ready to upgrade every computer and operating system in your enterprise? Put some money aside - it will hit within three years and will be as fundamental as the switch to 32 bit processors (which brought us Windows 95) eight years ago. Note: because this article is covered by the New York Times's repressive and anti-internet policy, it will disappear in seven days; don't delay, download your copy right away.

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