Shared Decisions and Abolishing Awards

Chris Wejr, Connected Principals, Aug 09, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Interesting: if your goal is "for each student in our school to recognize and develop his/her unique talents and interests..." then you may have a non-mainstream view on awards. "The key words in this are 'each student'. We do not want to just recognize those that excel in specific areas, we want to recognize EACH student for the areas in which he/she excels. As a school, we need to continue to move away from the traditional educational hierarchy that says those students who excel in language arts and maths are more important than those who excel in fine art." And, presumably, the one that says that students who excel in sports are better than any of them. Awards collectivize. They force people into pursuing the same achievement rather than their individual achievements. It is ironic to see people who celebrate individuality also celebrate awards. Via The Innovative Educator.
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