Hotseat - Backchannel Platform Coming to a Classroom Near You

Richard Byrne, Free Technology for Teachers, Aug 02, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Oh this is interesting - I spent a couple days upgrading my backchannel system, and see today that technologists at Purdue are coming out with Hotseat, a backchannel application. According the Hotseat website and the promotional videos, Hotseat will integrate Twitter, Facebook, and mobile device feedback into one stream. It doesn't appear to available to the world yet, but it looks promising. Check out the video below to learn more."

My platform, CChat (short for conference chat) does exist - I've been using it since 2007 and you can see it in action here - and what I did this weekend is to enable it to run simultaneous threads. It doesn't integrate Twitter yet, though - that's on the list, but it will take a day or so of figuring out. Right now, I want to set up a creation screen and admin guide, then it will be ready for public use. At that time (soon?), I'll post a note and you'll be be able to create your own conference thread chat for free (and Perl coders - I have net::Twitter installed, if you want to give me a function that aggregates a hash search, I'll add that too, with much thanks).
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