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Hundreds More of My IAAF Track & Field Photos from Moncton 2010

We are hosting the world this week in Moncton as the IAAF World Jr. Track and Field Championships are in town. I am sunburned, windblown, and after yesterday, rain-soaked, but I have been faithfully chronicling the event and have hundreds of photos to display. What is especially significant to me is that I think these are the only freely licensed photos of the event (there's no shortage of professional photos recording proprietary content, of course). The other thing is that these are the people we write about every day in our blogs - these are basically young people from around the world - and as Andrea was saying to a neighbour yesterday, these are the sort of role models we want to share. Not because they're athletes, but because they know and exemplify as well as anyone that you really have to work hard to achieve something of value, and they do work really hard, and the evidence is plain for all of us to see.

And Moncton has been magnificent, the city of Moncton, the people, all week. They've filled the brand new 10,000 seat stadium, they've been incredibly professional volunteers, they've been open and welcoming to people from all over the world, they've staged a Mosaiq international festival downtown, they've shown good humour on streets packed with thousands of extra vehicles, and they've been genuinely enthusiastic.

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