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This is overall a very good set of resources, a bit tilted (not surprisingly) toward formal research rather than actual practice, but still in the end surprisingly consistent with what practitioners are saying. Results are presented as wiki pages, and yes, it appears you can edit them (worked for me, at least).
a) Tutoring on-line – Gilly Salmon and Mike Keppell
b) Web-based course design – Robin Mason and Frank Rennie
c) Learner acceptance of on-line learning and e-learning – Allison Littlejohn and Brian Whalley
d) Learning objects and repositories – Allison Littlejohn and John Cook
e) Learning using mobile and hand-held devices – Mike Sharples and Agnes Kukuluska-Hulme
f) On-line communities – Frank Rennie and Mike Keppell
g) Technology-supported assessment – David Nicol
h) Learning environments – Bob Banks and Gilly Salmon
i) Using social software in learning – Frances Bell and Frank Rennie
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