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Will We Catch This Wave?

Matt Mower, Mar 20, 2003

Some of my comments about weblogs and knowledge management posted here a few days ago met with resistance in the weblogging community. This post captures some of the responses, including Ross Mayfield's complaint that my reasoning is "misguided." But this author gets it right: "So far I'm not seeing the kind of evidence that weblogging (in whatever form you name it) offers a particularly unique solution to the KM problem generally. Those solutions are going to have to come from us, in how we apply what is, after all, just another technology. Otherwise I predict in 12-18 months time, articles about 'how weblogging has failed us.'" Quite right. How do I know this? I've been weblogging for the last five years. I've long since solved the input problem, the one Jim McGee talks about. But using this information is still a pain, despite a fair bit of thought and work around the problem of information retrieval from weblogs (what do you think my [Research] button is? Most weblog software hasn't even addressed the problem, much less solved it).

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