What I'd Like To Be Reading

Bud Hunt, Bud the Teacher, May 20, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I've been messing around over the last few days with the ePub ebook specification. I've been inspired by this post from Bud Hunt, in ehich he embeds a link to an ebook (in .epub format) into his RSS feed. Did it work for me? Not out of the box - I needed to download and install an eBook reader. Hunt suggested Calibre, which doesn't just read eBooks but will also upload them to a variety of readers - a lot like iTines, but without the vendor lock-in. Authoring is a bit more involved - Adobe has a product called inDesign, but at $US 600 it's definitely overkill. Calibre will convert PDF to ePub, and Hunt uses InstaPaper to generate output from web sites. I also found a program called eCub (cute) which works but has its quirks.
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