Zoodles - A Free Kid-Friendly Web Browser

Byrne, Free Technology for Teachers, May 20, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Zoodles is a "kid-friendly" internet broswer that limits access to selected sites. It's free, but "a Premium Membership tier, which enables parents to block ads, block and promote content, and monitor their child's activity" will cost $US 60 a year. It supports Facebook logins, so I guess privacy isn't a big deal. You can block shows (like 'Barbie') and sites (like 'Hasbro') but only with a premium account (otherwise, the companies that market to children (which appears to be most of the content) have free reign. Installing (for my 7 year-old) (cat, Bart) I found it's an Adobe Air application. The application itself is just beautiful, but I would be very hesitant to offer my child this sort of tie-in to mass media and incessant consumer messaging (eg. in 'American Girl' I planted seeds, raised flowers and made honey, but I don't win until I sell the honey).
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