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Derek Morrison offers an long and well-considered look at what we can offer students in 2015. I'm not sure I agree with his method of using Google analytics to show that the ebook is becoming more important the LMS. Though there seems no doubt we'll be flooded with them by 2015, while at the same time there will be yet another crackdown on student file sharing. Morrison also discusses online games, and while I'm sure we'll see many more in the style of urgent Evoke I don't think students will want to be led around by some taskmaster, and I don't think learning games will consist of periodic projects or quests that everyone must complete in unison. But designers won't have learned that by 2015 either. So, while I think Morrison is probably on target, I fear he is picking trends that, while they may describe 2015, will be on the wane by 2016.

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