State of Learning in Canada: A Year in Review

Various authors, Canadian Council on Learning, Apr 08, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Another overview report from the Canadian Council on Learning, mostly a summation of trends. Data is typically from third party sources, such as OECD's PISA testing, or Statistics Canada. The picture painted is not surprising or even overly discouraging - though people in poverty still struggle, and half of all university students graduate in debt, participation rates and completion rates overall are good, and Canadian students are among the top achieving students in the world. However, the report states, "Lack of progress in lifelong learning threatens to undermine the development of our greatest asset–the potential of our people... lack of progress in learning at every stage of life could soon translate into increased pressures on many sectors of Canada's economy including social assistance programs, the health care system and the criminal justice system." As I've said before, if you want lifelong learning, you have to bring learning into life. Night classes and training sessions aren't going to cut it.
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