Steal It and Other Internal YouTube Emails from Viacom's Copyright Suit

Kit Eaton, Fast Company, Mar 19, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Now that information is becoming public we're seeing a nasty fight between Google and Viacom over YouTube. In a nutshell, Viacom is saying that Google is practicing piracy on a massive scale, while Google is responding that requiring it to police user-uploaded content as it comes in would destroy the user-generated internet. This Fast Company article has excepts from a bunch of emails between YouTube founders during the website's early days. Also worth reading is Google's response to Viacom arguing that Viacom is suing it, in part, over video Viacom uploaded itself! "Viacom's efforts to disguise its promotional use of YouTube worked so well that even its own employees could not keep track of everything it was posting or leaving up on the site... there is no way YouTube could ever have known which Viacom content was and was not authorized to be on the site." Related: TechDirt, on how these lawsuits may have slowed down internet video.
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