Get Ready To Be a Changemaker

Bill Drayton, Valeria Budinich, Harvard Business Review, Feb 03, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Even Harvard Business Review gets this, which is saying something. "We are transitioning from a world in which a small elite runs everything to a world in which everyone needs to be a player." What seems to be characterizing this, at the moment, is the abject failure of most of those selfsame elites; when they are not failing as managers, they are demonstrating a loss of any sense of responsibility or ethics. As noted here. "You will need to know how to function in a world that is not a hierarchy but a kaleidoscopic global team of teams, with no boundaries between sectors and change that happens at an escalating pace." Your old frames (wealth is good, fame is good, millions of Twitter followers is good) will no longer function. Your old principles (knowledge is created by filtering) will be dead wrong. Good luck.
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