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The flaws in this Pew study of news sources don't just taint the research, they destroy it. (Contra Delaney: when you have a bad and biased survey, you don't somehow by magic get a "gist of the results can't be ignored" - you just get bad data). When you ask a bunch of media people where they heard about a set of mainstream news stories covered in the mainstream news media, they will most likely answer "newspaper", "television" or "radio". A much better survey would be to collect a random set of people, to ask them "what's new?", and then ask them where they heard that news. You will get a very different set of 'news stories' (compare the gtop blog posts as ranked by Nielsen with the top news stories). And, therefore, a very difference set of news sources, since the blog post material wasn't even covered in the newspaper. (Can I say QED on this one?)

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