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Derek Morrison offers chapter visualizations from the new 'Transforming Higher Education' book. It's an interesting approach, but I wish the word selection were more intelligent. In Chapter 1, for example, the word 'transformation' is easily the most important (the author arguing that "technology has transcended transformation") but is only a tiny green text in the Wordle. Or chapter 7, Benchmarking e-learning in UK universities: the methodologies, for example, is unhelpfully tagged 'benchmarking', but specific benchmarking methodologies, such as MIT90s, do not show up at all. I think a better version of Wordle would not simply count words, but would also prorate them according to their relative scarcity across all publications. In an unrelated point: as I reviewed these articles, I found a tension throughout the book between transformation and quality and (concordantly) tensions between research and practice.

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