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There's a debate in media circles over category-killer cheap media sites, such as Demand media. "This has lead to an avalanche of "virtual assistants," "ghost bloggers," "ghost tweeters" and so forth, ready and willing to take over and provide specific and targeted content." Related to this (but not directly) was a really good conference titled 'The Internet as Playground and Factory', which let to a lot of first-rate discussion on the iDC list. People interested in this will absolutely want to read Trebor Scholz's summary. Linking this all together, we have to ask about this, who benefits? Who wins? Who loses? is it a form of exploitation, and does it exploit the reader or the writer? Can we trust such demand-content networks, and is content-for-hire writing reliable? How do we manage search and propagation services to ensure that accurate, relevant and timely content floats to the top (hint: it's not Google, which is swamped in an SEO morass).

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