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Coverage of the settlement between Blackboard and Dersire2Learn. D2L head John Baker expands on his blog, "this is in the best interest of our clients, the educational community and ourselves as we continue to serve you." Blackboard president Ray Henderson comments about the ongoing case, saying "this dialog has distracted attention from the many positive contributions to the industry that Blackboard has made and can continue to make." Seb Schmoller offers a long list of his own links on the case. The Chronicle comments over the confidential nature of the deal, "So a vocal and divisive fight has ended in silence." Michael Feldstein notes, "Left unresolved is the larger question of the role of patents in higher education." Barry Dahl also grumbles about the unresolved issues. "Doesn't this move by D2L signal the possibility that there is some validity in Blackboard's lousy 'Alcorn' patent?" he also notes that most of the D2L Blackboard patent case page has disappeared. And if you want the complete story, have a look at my full Blackboard Patent page, which covers everything from the original patent grant to the final settlement.

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