Record industry faces liability over infringement

Michael Geist, Toronto Star, Dec 07, 2009
Commentary by Stephen Downes

One phenomenon in politics and business I've learned I can count on is projection. The concept of 'projection' is originally derived from Freudian psychology and is essentially the act of seeing in others faults that you actually possess yourself. Thus, for example, a person likely to steal accuses all other people of an intent to steal. We see from certain quarters in society an obsession about freeloaders, welfare cheats, criminal activity, and the like. Time and time again, it is the person or (more often) the organization making the accusation that is most guilty of the infraction. Thus, it is the bastions of morality who engage in the most morally suspect behaviour, and those most afraid of being attacked who are most likely to start an unprovoked war. And here, now, we see the principle play out once again, as it turns out that the recording industry that appears to be guilty of a minimum of $50 million worth of pirated recordings, or (if the same penalties they have demanded be imposed on average citizens) a possible liability of $60 billion.
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