Never mind the quality, feel the width

Steve Wheeler, Learning with 'e's, Nov 26, 2009
Commentary by Stephen Downes

"Is Wikipedia," asks Steve Wheeler, "dying a slow death?" That might be a fair conclusion to draw following this report, "that Wikipedia has lost 49,000 editors in just a few months." Larry Sanger, who created Citizendium as a response to Wikipedia, suggests that Wikipedia was just the first draft, but "The Wikipedia experiment has deeply suffered as a result of its radical embrace of the most extreme egalitarian and anarchistic principles - which have made the community, as such principles always will do, descend into mob rule and a failed state, so to speak." My own take, entered as a comment on Sanger's post, is that Wikipedia's legion of article police are the cause of the decline. "They leave these little notes on articles - "this item should be deleted" - "this item doesn't cite published sources" - which basically attach contributions rather than improve upon them."
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