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Tom Hoffman wraps up his 'official feedback' on the on the Common Core Standards. It might otherwise make for a good laugh - the proposed standards, after all, are "not defined and explained clearly enough to generate a valid outside evaluation." But the entire process raises the more serious issue, especially relevant in a time of rapid change, increasing diversity, and greater specialization and personalization, whether common standards need to be defined at all, and if so, what they could be. I continue to believe that if there are elements of learning required in common by all students, these elements will manifest themselves through the practice of each student fulfilling his or her own ambition, and do not need to be defined in advance through some sort of standards-setting exercise. And, in the event that people disagree with this, then I would echo Hoffman's advice, to scrap the document "in favor of one of the many well regarded and vastly better developed examples."

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