Windows 7 Launch on a Macbook Pro on Today Show

Steve Borsch, Connecting the Dots, Oct 22, 2009
Commentary by Stephen Downes

OK (and this may surprise a few people) I want to greet the launch of Windows 7 with more caution than I greeted the launch of Windows Vista. Why? I was prepared, based on what I read about it (and I read a lot about it), to label the Vista operating system a failure. And, in many ways, it was. But when I bought two new computers for the home last spring (one for me, one for Andrea) I decided to run them using Vista, not something else. My office computer also runs Vista (though when it's upgraded I'll have a dual-boot). As an operating system, Vista is more or less stable (well, it certainly has its quirks), but no less reliable than Ubuntu, which stopped upgrading properly after feisty Fawn (at which stage it remained irredeemably stalled thereafter). And the Office applications - where Microsoft excels - are (with the exception of Outlook) significantly better. Word 2007 is in particular a fabulous piece of software. I will not cease to be critical of Microsoft, or its predatory business practices, or of the commercial sector in general. But when I miss the mark -- as I am now willing to admit that I did with Vista -- I will own up, and set the record straight. So, with Windows 7, my advice is (as usual) wait for the bugs and the service packs before rushing to install it.
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