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Glad I'm not the only person in the room wondering why the NY Times called the DNC "left wing". Anyhow, Tom Hoffman makes two predictions:
" * Before Obama leaves office, he'll launch a major proposal to put a digital device in every student's hands in the US.
* This will be the only (type of) device distributed to all students in the US for the next 15 years."
He adds, "I remain a proponent of what OLPC used to call the Trojan Horse Strategy -- sell the government on ebooks, with everything else computing can do as an optional bonus. This is important to limit the cost, scope and expectations of the projects. To make this happen, the long-term cost to local districts must be $0 per student." To which I'll add is, if they distributed Kindles, then the net result will be: hacked Kindles. En masse.

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