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Bud Hunt, in a podcast: "The reasons why you pick a blog as a tool have to do with what it is you're trying to do with the writing - the writing should be the really important thing in a blog, not the fact that you used a blog. I think with technology we allow ourselves to get excited that we've used a new tool even though maybe we didn't actually do anything with it, we just sort of picked it up and waved it around." Well, maybe. But the reason why people pick up a new technology and start waving it around is that it lets them do something they couldn't do before. So while blogging may not be about the technology, say, it is also not simply about the writing. It's about writing online to a world-wide audience. And that makes all the difference. So the technology is important - or, I should say, what the technology allows you to do is important. Especially when it's not just the same old thing.

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