What's Wrong With Distance Learning?

Reinhard Ziegler, E-Learning Magazine, Jan 09, 2003
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Let's start our look at this article in the middle: "The ultimate goal of our discipline is enhanced performance, not increased knowledge." What? Do you think learners have as their ultimate goal "enhanced performance" instead of, say, knowledge? or promotions? Or pay raises? Or maybe just something that makes their job easier? The same with corporations: it's not "enhanced performance" that corporations are after, but rather, improved earnings. University professors, meanwhile, don't care about any of these things: rather it's usually an appreciation of the discipline that they seek (or in some cases, appreciation of the professor - heh). Now I agree with this: "the biggest challenge to organizations today is managing the evolution toward a workplace that is much more worker- or learner-controlled." But the very essence of being learner controlled is to explicitly recognize (and cater to) the objectives of the learner.
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